We offer a variety of courses with our experienced instructors ranging from everything to do with the outdoors like camping and overlanding, but also firearms training. Our courses will take you all over Colorado to get the best experiences learning in your chosen course.

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Firearms Courses

Firearms training is a 2-fold system. We offer classroom training at Tall Guns in Loveland, and range time at Great Guns in Nunn. We will also meet up at Jax in order to get a proper customized fit for you.

All of our Colorado Concealed Carry (CCW) classes are held at Tall Guns in Loveland. To register, please visit their Course and Enrollment Calendar.

This course is geared to the experienced shooter. We will teach you and your family how to manage recoil with rapid fire, hitting your target every time.

At Bear Foot Outdoor Survival, all of instructors are Range Safety Officers (RSOs) and certified firearm instructors.

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Survival Training

Our survival training is a basic 101 survival course that is held in various locations throughout Colorado. To check specific locations, please check the events in the calendar below or contact us for more information!

In this course, we will teach you the absolute basics and necessities for outdoor survival. We will go over necessary gear as well as important survival tips.

In this course, we will stress test your “get home” bag to fill out any holes and to make sure that you are prepared. This course will also give you experience utilizing your skills and equipment.

In this course, we will test your equipment and skills with your everyday equipment to ensure that you get the proper experience with your items.

In this course, we will test the bag you have made up for a 72 hour survival period. We will make sure that your equipment will last over a three day period and ensure that you are comfortable long-term in an environment.

Are you unable to find a course that works for your schedule, or are you interested in a private class? Please contact us at or call us at (720) 805-3792 to set up a date that works for you.

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