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We offer a variety of activities and experiences from our passion of the outdoors – everything to do with the outdoors from camping to overlanding, and firearms. We also have a passion for reviews and giving honest, unbiased feedback of the equipment we use with reliability to customers. We strive on to help our students complete their goals!


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Our firearms courses are held in local Northern Colorado businesses – classroom training is hosted at Tall Guns in Loveland, while range time is held at Great Guns in Nunn. Our survival courses are held in various different locations in Colorado. For more specifics, please contact us or view specific courses on the Courses page

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What we do

We offer courses ranging from certified firearms training and outdoor survival. We go in-depth on basics to ensure that you leave our courses confident and educated.

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Our instructors are NRA certified as Range Safety Officer (RSO) and firearm instructors.We follow the safety rules below, which our students are expected to follow in and out of a classroom environment. Each safety measure will be thoroughly taught in our firearms course.


Survival FAQ

No you will not have to “eat bugs” at class. We will discuss how you can do it in the future if you want to, along with edible plants. In terms of food, we will teach you how to make  deadfall and snare traps – you will learn that eating bugs just doesn’t come into play.

Yes you can. It’s nice to camp-out to enjoy the late-night campfires but you can use a motel if you feel you need to. If you have back problems or any medical conditions from preventing you to camp outside with us, please let us know before-hand.

Yes you can take the class and no there will not be a lot of walking or hiking. In both of our Survival 101 Classes we focus your time on hands-on skills and knowledge. This is a hands-on skill and knowledge-based class so physical strength, or endurance is not necessary.

 We DO NOT “call people out” nor do we make people feel separated. If you want to try out camping for the first time, this is the perfect place to do it. Our instructors will be around to offer a helping hand. As far as the skills go, we start at the beginning to build up everyone’s knowledge  so everyone will have the basics as the class progresses. You will never be out of place or embarrassed at class.

Bring a raincoat or poncho as well as water-proof boots or shoes. There will be a tarp shelter for us to “hide from the rain” but that’s the type of situation to learn these skills in, so that on a dry day you’ll look like a pro.

Yes and no – you can use the woods as we do teach the area. There will be a camping rest room that’s made up of a privacy tent.

No, there will be no showers at the location for the most part depending on location and course. You can bring a solar shower, but most people wash up in their tent with camping wet wipes.

You will be able to park very close to the camping/training area; though this depends on the location of the course and how much of the area is used and also depending on the course you are taking.

The list of items is on our website for the 101 course. The other more advanced courses should have and know the equipment to bring. The instructors can help if you have any question email; support@bearfootoutdoorsurvival.com

The list of items for our courses is still what I would suggest you bring to class, just eliminate the tent, sleeping bag, ground pad and flashlights. Etc., etc., we do highly recommend staying at location of the course.

Yes, all our instructors are trained and provide emergency care until EMS arrives. If anyone that is attending the course has a DNR (“do not resuscitate “), that needs to be explained on course sign up to the head instructor with a signed document.

Basic survival skills

Our courses will inform you on survival skills that are vital to any outdoors trip. Nothing is more important in a survival situation than finding and purifying water – it is the most needed source for you to stay mentally and physically alert along with food. Although it is self explanatory, it will not only prevent you from perishing, but it will also allow you to focus on other important tasks. Beyond the extreme necessity of water, you should also know how to start and tend to a fire, navigate and read a map & compass, build a shelter, and know your surroundings. It is dangerous to assume that you have the ability to do these without having trained and tested your equipment and abilities.

There are several ways to increase your odds of survival beyond the more vital listed above. The best way to increase your odds in survival is to attend courses with experienced instructors – they will be able to pass down information based on their own experiences, not to mention you’ll be able to get hands-on experience yourself with an instructor. Being familiar with the outdoors is going to help a lot. Beyond instructors, you should always tell someone where you are going and provide them with a rough estimate as to when you will make it home. Remember, two is one and one is none – always have backup equipment. Things may break pr be used quicker than expected.”

Nothing is more important than to have absolute certainty and training for these situations. By booking a course with us, we’ll help to make sure that you understand the basic skills needed to survive.


Get your head right , a positive attitude during a crisis is like a light in the darkness 

  • do not panic
  • under estimate the situation
  • do not take risks 
  • poor route selection .
  • inability to build a shelter
  • inability to build a fire
  • inability to signal for help
  • inability to purify water
  • poor clothing selection
  • being unprepared to spend the night 
  • failure to file a trip plan / or deviating from a plan 
  1.  fire starter
  2. survival knife
  3. map & compass
  4. first aid kit
  5. bow saw
  6. proper clothing
  7. survival whistle
  8. signal mirror
  9. cordage
  10. water filtration
  11. flashlight
  12. knowledge
  13. mental/physical fitness 
  14. water carrier / cooking aid 
  15. tarp 
  16. space blanket 

for customer

Before you buy equipment

Before you go looking to get equipment, always make sure that it has a good reputation. Our team at Bear Foot Outdoor Survival hand-reviews items to make sure they are safe and effective for our clients.

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Look for trusted brand equipment, read online about reviews, etc… Make a list of equipment that you may need.

Don’t impulse buy something you think you may need – stick to a list instead. You don’t have to buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line products in order to have useful gear.

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If you have any questions about what type of gear to use or any brands, please feel free to reach out at info@bearfootoutdoorsurvival.com or through the contact form. We’d be happy to guide you to the right purchases!

Our team consists of our owner and instructor Stuart Speirs, and is influenced by his mentor Buddy Meyers. We are also thankful for businesses like Tall Guns, Great Guns, and Jax for hosting our courses.

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